I had this command working on my Mac/Linux (Terminal) with OhMyZsh, but once I moved to Windows, I wasn't sure how to update it using Cmdr/ConEmu shell.

Basically, I want an alias that is like "goweb" that will open my default browser to the current branch on GitHub. I'm fine assuming a particular repo. Maybe a later enhancement would pull that as well using, e.g., default remote or the like..

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This answer hard-codes the repo URL and just appends the current branch. Add this to your user-aliases.cmd (if using cmdr) or wherever you can set aliases.

goweb=@echo off && for /f %i in ('git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD') do start https://<pathToRepo>/tree/%i

Replace with the URL to your repo.

Once this is in there, you can just type goweb from your CLI and it should open it for ya. Saves a few clicks when you need to do something on your current branch on GH.

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