This question is a follow-up to my previous question where I asked how to allocate GPU or CPU memory in a TensorFlow Op.

I wish to be able to allocate memory for any C++ type in GPU/CPU in a TensorFlow Op. Using context one can allocate new tensors (in CPU or GPU) and if they are of a "regular" C++ type one can get a C++ pointer. Example:

    Tensor tensor;
    OP_REQUIRES_OK(context, context->allocate_temp(DT_FLOAT, TensorShape({n_elements}), &tensor));
    float * ptr = tensor.flat<float>().data();

My problem is when trying to allocate user-defined types for instance:

struct A{
    float a;
    int b;

Then there is no correspondent Tensorflow type to allocate as. I know that in this case, I could just allocate a float tensor and an int tensor, but for more complex data-structures this makes the code quite messy.

I tried to work around it by allocating bytes (DT_UINT8) and using reinterpret_cast to cast to the desired pointer type (as one of the comments from an answer in my previous question suggested). Here is my implementation:

template<typename t> void allocate(void ** ptr_address, int num_elements){
    Tensor tensor;
    int number_of_bytes = num_elements * sizeof(t);
    OP_REQUIRES_OK(context, context->allocate_temp(DT_UINT8, TensorShape({number_of_bytes}), &tensor));
    *ptr_address = reinterpret_cast<t*>(tensor.flat<unsigned char>().data());

In theory, I would be able to use A* a; allocate<A>(&a, 5); for the class defined above instead of auto a = new A[5]; or cudaMalloc((void**)&a, 5*sizeof(A)).

The problem is that after the Op runs it freezes and TensorFlow does not return to python (I have made sure it runs through printf debugging). I am sure it is because of this method of allocation because when I use regular C++/CUDA allocation I don't have this problem.

Is there something wrong with this method of allocation or is something else the issue?

  • Are you sure the "Tensor tensor" will survive. This looks like being only function scope. I would try allocate(void ** ptr_address, int num_elements, Tensor **tensor) – Patwie Feb 14 '18 at 22:11
  • Thanks again, I will try that. I know that Tensor tensor does not survive but I thought it shouldn't matter since the memory would remain allocated until the end of Compute. – Miguel Feb 15 '18 at 13:32
  • 1
    cross-ref to issue: github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/issues/17064 – Patwie Feb 20 '18 at 20:00

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