I want to protect python script, since people most likely known to be jerks and steal someones work i would really like to protect it. Its sad how easily it can be stolen... copy paste my work that i spent months in and then someone changes bits and claims it for himself.

How can i prevent anyone from seeing code? (i tried py2exe and similar, but that most often is suspicious to user since its .exe and i don't want anyone to be afraid of my software)

Linux Python2 & Python3


Encrypt the python code and decrypt them when importing.

Step 1 - Implement your own module loader

You can use the importlib to implement your own python module loader. That is to say, you can change the import process to decrypt your encrypted python code.

But you may say the module loader is also written in python, the crypto key can be easily seen in the python script.

So let's go to next step.

Step 2 - Rewrite your module loader in C/C++

Thanks to cython, python module can be written in C/C++. The decryption code will be compiled to binary code. That's very hard to reverse engineer compared to py or pyc files.

Step 3 - Write a script to encrypt your source tree

This is the simplest part. :)

If you are interested in the topic, this project will help you - pyprotect.

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