i'm new to AWS s3, trying to figure out how to use it in php. i started using and i can list all my buckets using s3->listBuckets method, yet when i try to list all objects inside this bucket it fail with

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Aws\S3\Exception\PermanentRedirectException: Encountered a permanent redirect while requesting https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ischool.simplein?encoding-type=url. Are you sure you are using the correct region for this bucket? in /Users/momen/Desktop/studio/s3/sdk/vendor/aws/aws-sdk-php/src/S3/PermanentRedirectMiddleware.php:49 Stack trace:

point is, the credentials i have are for us-west-2 account, yet when i created s3 bucket i chose to host it in eu-london.

sample code to replicate problem.

// Use the us-west-2 region and latest version of each client.

$s3 = new Aws\S3\S3Client([
    'version' => 'latest',
    'region'  => 'us-east-2',
    'credentials' => [
        'key'    => AWS_KEY,
        'secret' => AWS_SECRET

$buckets = $s3->listBuckets(); // works
$bucket = $buckets['Buckets'][1]['Name'];

$objects = $s3->listObjects([ 'Bucket' => $bucket ]) // FAIL with permenant redirect

so which region should i use ? and how come i can list buckets, but not be able to utlize them ?


So to the first question:

Which region should i use?

You should use the region eu-west-2

Here is the link to the documentation for all the regions.

Now to the other question:

How to utilize buckets?

This error looks strongly that you have the false region. So I would consider changing the region and then try it again.

Here is a other related question: Amazon S3 Upload error PermanentRedirectException

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