I am used to run yarn / npm and then the command:

yarn build-me


npm run build-me 

This calls a script command declared in the the local package.json root file.

In my case I'd like to run a script command declared in the package.json of a package in node_modules folder.

How can I do this?

I have installed a test package i wrote inside app. Here is the dependency (in my root app) and I can see it under node_modules

  "dependencies": {
    "@tester/util-package": "^1.0.2"

Under node_modules this util-package also has it's own package.json with the following script

  "scripts": {
    "process-files": "node ./cli.js"

So, I was hoping to run this from the root of my app something like.

yarn util-package process-files 

Of course, this doesn't seem to work.


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If you want to run a command inside a submodule, with npm, you can use the explore command, as explained here:

npm explore submodule -- npm run subscript

It seems that yarn does not have an equivalent command, but there is a cwd option (not yet very well documented) that let you choose the working directory:

yarn --cwd node_modules/submodule/ subscript

  • Note that the module is maybe not located under node_modules when you are using workspaces and the path used with the --cwd option must be adapted. n this case npm explore is the more versatile solution.
    – Andreas
    Jun 26, 2020 at 5:26

You are looking for the explore command:

npm explore @tester/util-package -- npm run process-files

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