stderr: layers from manifest don't match image configuration

This is the error that I am receiving when I do a docker pull command. I have gone through and rebuilt every tag that my image relies upon, but I am still getting this.

Does anyone have some thoughts on where I should turn to resolve this?


I met this problem when I upgrade docker from 1.6.2 to 18.06.

Full discussion can be found in github issue. From the tips of issue, I found my solution:

  • use docker 1.6.2 to pull the image, then docker save -o /tmp/1.tar export image to tar file
  • upgrade docker to 18.06, then docker load -i /tmp/1.tar load image
  • docker push this new image to registry, all work now

When I use docker 18.06 to execute docker images, the image pulled by 1.6.2 is show as follows:

REPOSITORY    TAG      IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
<none>        <none>   c5c084240761        2 days ago          1.05GB

There must be some errors in metadata resulting in repository and tag are <none>. Therefore, I think reload the image may solve my problem.

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