I have been using Python's subprocess module to run some processes using subprocess.Popen. I developed the code on my Mac OS, but now I am running it on Linux server. After memory profiling using resource.getrusage(RUSAGE_SELF).ru_maxrss of my Parent and child process, I am finding the memory allocation mechanism as entirely different on two platforms.

I have researched everywhere on the differences in the behaviour of fork under Mac and Linux, but nowhere anything like this is mentioned.

I am running a loop like this:

for t in range(1000):
   pid = subprocess.Popen([EXECUTABLES, FILNAME])
   # execute some commands here

On Mac:

  1. The child process has constant RSS
  2. The parent process has increasing RSS

On Linux:

  1. RSS of child process = RSS of the parent process
  2. RSS of the parent process is increasing drastically
  3. Which is making child process to increase drastically

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