I want to draw a rectangle using a C program. So I was trying to use the graphics.h header. But the GCC compiler gave me a error saying that the library could not be found.

I'll appreciate if some one can help me with this.


graphics.h is a header that define functions for libbgi (Borland Graphics Interface)

Unless you have a Borland compiler of some sort installed on your Mac (if that's even possible), I think you'll end up having to use other graphic libraries, or install a Windows/Linux Virtual Machine on your Mac and then run/compile your code inside it.


graphics.h is not a standard C header and is probably a part of a custom library. If you can track down that original library and provide more info, we can probably help you get it set up.

  • thanks. where should i start looking for that? I've been trying to find the gcc libraries but with no success. – Praveen Feb 3 '11 at 1:16

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