Hello my question is I have 2 table one is User table the other one is CustomerUsers I select them by Deleted=0 When I try to list all users and have customerId, I am having issue that sequence contains no matching element error
My Code is below any help would be appriciate

Thank you

My Dapper query is below :

 public List<User> GetAllUsers()
            List<User> user = new List<User>();

                //var sql = @"SELECT * FROM [User] WHERE Deleted=0";

                var sql = @"SELECT * from [User] u LEFT JOIN  [CustomerUser] cu ON u.UserId = cu.CustomerUserId  WHERE u.Deleted=0";

                var lookUp = new List<User>();

                using (var cn = Settings.Helper.ConnectionStringBiz())

                        var myUser = lookUp.First(m => m.UserId == u.UserId);

                        if (myUser == null)

                            myUser = u;

                        myUser.Customer = c;

                        return null;


                return lookUp;

            catch (Exception ex) 
                return user;

Issue generally occurs if your lookUp.First(m => m.UserId == u.UserId) didnt return any results.

You can use FirstOrDefault something like below instead of First which returns null (default value) if it didnt find any results for matching criteria.

var myUser = lookUp.FirstOrDefault(m => m.UserId == u.UserId);

Not sure why you are checking against lookUp, Its a new list that you created just before connecting to DB. It will always be empty (If I am not understanding it wrong).

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  • Thank you so much for your answer :) – phantasmagoria1985 Feb 16 '18 at 8:30
  • You are welcome. If your issue is resolved, can you mark it as an answer so that It helps some one else who are facing this issue? – G_S Feb 16 '18 at 8:31

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