So far I have been unsuccessful in an attempt to use the env preset. I browsed the git issues that others have raised such as this, and implemented some of the suggestions that appeared to work for others, but no luck so far.

Here's what I'm working with:


"bundle": "browserify ./client/app.js -d -o ./public/o.js -t [ babelify --presets [ env ] ]",
"devDependencies": {
  "@babel/cli": "^7.0.0-beta.40",
  "@babel/preset-env": "^7.0.0-beta.40",
  "babel-core": "^6.26.0",
  "babelify": "^8.0.0"

And here is the error:

Error: Couldn't find preset "env" relative to directory "/Users/user/Documents/git/ts/client" while parsing file: /Users/user/Documents/git/ts/client/app.js

Anything I could be missing?


Many of the github issues relating to this suggest that babel-preset-env is not installed.

Indeed it doesn't seem to be there in your package.json. Add & install it by doing this:

npm install babel-preset-env --save

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    Hard to tell what the issue actually was but the preset-env is installed. I did not, however, have @babel/core": "^7.0.0-beta.40 installed. After installing that and using babel (instead of babelify), it started working. – skwny Feb 23 '18 at 18:30

You just need to install babel-preset-env and your code will compile properly.

npm install babel-preset-env

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    Just making the reply more specific: npm install babel-preset-env – Sal Apr 17 '18 at 17:57

Though the earlier answers do provide the right solution and it works. But this should be installed as a dev dependency not as the core one. As this is needed only for development work. If you are using npm you can use:

npm install --save-dev babel-preset-env

or if you are using yarn as package manager then use:

yarn add --dev babel-preset-env

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