I'm looking for a solution to merge two templating variables in grafana(data source: prometheus).

My use case is:

I've my first variable:

deployment = label_values(kube_deployment_labels{namespace="$namespace"},deployment) 

and the second one:

statefulset = label_values(kube_statefulset_labels{namespace="$namespace"},statefulset)

What I'm looking for is a only one dropdown menu(selector) because in my dashboard I wan't to be able to select a deployment or a statefulset but not both at the same time.

I've tried at the different side:

1) With prometheus by using a query like this:

 kube_deployment_labels{namespace="$namespace"} or kube_statefulset_labels{namespace="$namespace"}

But in this case I'm not able to extract the labels(could be "deployment" or statefulset")

2) It seems not possible to perform a merge of two template variables in grafana like this:


Maybe I've missed something...



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    I had exactly the same issue and solved it by using label_values(kube_pod_labels{namespace="$namespace"}, label_app). This query returns names of all deployments, stateful sets and daemon sets. As far as I know, it's not possible to merge two variables. Apr 30, 2019 at 8:10

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I do it by creating two separate variable and give them same label name. Since the label name is same it will only show one drop-down.


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    I've tried this in Grafana 8.2.0 and couldn't get it to work. Grafana creates two separate dropdowns with the same name. Oct 11, 2021 at 8:41

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