I'm using Notepad2 as my Git commit editor. It has a command-line option to change the syntax scheme, like so:

notepad2.exe /s Diff Files

I'm using verbose commits in Git, and I want to select the diff scheme when I get ready to commit. But I can't figure out the right command. I would think it would be something like this (in .gitconfig):

    editor = C:/Windows/System32/notepad.exe /s Diff

But Git reads that whole line as the file name and then tells me it can't find the notepad.exe /s Diff file anywhere.

How can I get Git to consider the /s Diff as a command line option, not part of the file name?

(I'm using Windows 10 and the Windows command prompt.)

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    Should notepad.exe be notepad2.exe? And do you have the correct path to the executable? – Code-Apprentice Feb 19 '18 at 16:58
  • Nah, I used the installation option that replaces Windows Notepad with Notepad2. It works fine if I omit the command line part. – Ryan Lundy Feb 19 '18 at 17:01

Following a similar pattern as "How can I make Sublime Text the default editor for Git?"

git config --global core.editor "'c:/Windows/System32/notepad.exe' -s Diff"

From "git: Show index diff in commit message as comment", it is -s, not /s.

  • Thanks, @VonC, that fixed it. And now I can come back here and check next time I forget. – Ryan Lundy Feb 20 '18 at 8:24

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