I've had so many troubles with the tool, I seriously have been debugging expo morethan the app itself.

How might I remove expo completely from CRNA? I would like to use CRNA and it's debugging tools without expo

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You can do it by ejecting your app running npm run eject

Then, if you have any reference to expo just remove all of them.

your app modules before being ejected looks like this below:

enter image description here

When you run npm run eject it will ask some questions like:

enter image description here

be sure to select React Native: I'd like a regular react Native project

And your folders will now look like this (no expo):

enter image description here

Just be careful because ejecting is a permanent process, you should make a backup of your files.

  • Would you illustrate please ? Feb 19, 2018 at 19:57
  • 2
    Sure, when you eject your CRNA you turn it into a react native app like if you created the app running the react-native command, so it will create the android and ios folders and get ride of expo. You can refer to this part in the documentation Feb 19, 2018 at 20:02

Once you eject from Expo, though, and if you're using a Windows computer, you'll only be able to develop for Android, I believe. You'll still need a Mac to work in React Native without Expo. I'm a beginner but just wanted to highlight this difficulty faced by Windows users when ejecting from Expo.

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