I would like to set different colors for selected rows programatically each time when a button outside the table is clicked. I am using the latest version of angular.

I know how to set row color with css but do not know how to influence the css class programatically in typescript.

.ui-table .ui-table-tbody > tr:nth-child(1) {
    background-color: #2DA449; 

Is there some way to edit the css class to set the child index and b-color in typescript?



export class MyComponent{
    // I'm just selecting the first row for this example but you have to define your own logic 
    this.items[0].color ="#ddd";


<button (click)="changeColors()">Change colors<button/>
  <tr *ngFor="let item in items;let i=index" [style.color]="item.color">

More documention can be found https://angular.io/guide/template-syntax#binding-targets

  • Good example but how to set the color in the chsngeColors() method instead giving the tr tag a static one? – ninjaxelite Feb 20 '18 at 10:31
  • Ah i misunderstood your question, just update my answer. – Safiyya Feb 20 '18 at 10:35

All you need is ngClass :

<td [ngClass]="{'selected': checkSelected(i)}"> // checkSelected should return boolean


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