I have an Excel project with a lot of macros. What I want is assign macros to buttons in the ribbons. For that I created macros like:

Sub R10_parallel_device()
help.helpON ("parallel_device ")
Call sub_novelty_claims("parallel_device")
End Sub

So the three conditions are met: a) the macro SUB R10_parallel_device() do not accept parameters b) it is not private c) It is not hide

when I go to the list of macros I see all the list of macros named Rnn but all THE BUTTONS ARE GREY OUT EXCEPTFOR CREATE. Now if I click in that sub for instance SUB R10_parallel_device() I can not edit it and if I click "create" excel sends me to a new created module where Sub R10_parallel_device()

End Sub


& When I go to file/options/ribbon if I want to add that macro to a button it is listed and it is possible to assigne the macro to a button but it would not run, giving the error that such a macro is not found.

NOTE: I checked which macro are listed thisworkbook/all/ etc. note2: this did not help me. this neither


enter image description here

  • Change the macro names - I'm pretty sure R + a number is reserved for something else in VBA. Try renaming them to something different and see what happens. – dwirony Feb 20 '18 at 18:08

Confirmed it's the macro names - go to Developer -> View Code (or type Alt + f11), then select the module with your code in it and rename them. For whatever reason it's that R# syntax:

enter image description here

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