I would like to add different messages to the output results of the server I made first and the server I made the second and later, and display it.

What I want to do is as follows finally.

  ec2global_ips  [
    manager_ip is : xxx,
    node ip is: [xxx,xxx]

currently my output.tf code is as follows.

output "ec2_global_ips" {
  value = ["${aws_instance.main.*.public_ip}"]

For that, I think that it is necessary to judge somewhere aws_instance.main.0.public_ip or aws_instance.main.1.public_ip and put another value

Is there a way to make such a thing with terraform? The var.count function could not be used in output.tf etc.

  • Why not just split them across 2 different outputs so you have ec2_manager_ips and ec2_node_ips?
    – ydaetskcoR
    Commented Feb 21, 2018 at 10:05

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You can use the slice and element interpolations (code untested):

output "ec2_global_ips" {
  value = "${
      "manager_ip", "${element(aws_instance.main.*.public_ip, 0)}"
      "node_ips", "${slice(aws_instance.main.*.public_ip, 1, length(aws_instance.main.*.public_ip))}"

Judging by your desired output it looks like you're looking for manager_ip to be a string (hence the element and not a slice for it) and node_ips to be a list. This should give you what you're looking for.


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