How to upgrade version of terraform in windows. Now i am using 0.9 and on windows using git bash. can someone help me with the process or commands. Note: I did some google search but no use. Thanks

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I know you specified using bash but this is the first answer that comes up in searches so this is more FYI for future travelers.

To find the location of terraform.exe in powershell:

(get-command terraform.exe).Path

I had used Chocolaty to install Terraform so to upgrade:

choco upgrade terraform
  • I have downloaded terraform exe as per terraform download page and kept in c:/terraform and updated the same in system environment path variable. When I check the terraform version it was not giving the correct version of the terraform which I just downloaded and kept in c:/terraform. By using the above command, I got to know I have already installed terraform using chocolatey and when I check the command terraform version it was giving the terraform version installed using chocolatey. Feb 13, 2023 at 5:37

This is using Git Bash on Windows

  1. Download the latest version and unzip it
  2. Navigate to that folder through your bash CLI
  3. Now type which terraform
  4. Copy the path of the terraform
  5. Now type
    cp terraform.exe <your Terraform path>
    e.g. cp terraform.exe /c/WINDOWS/System32/terraform
  6. Now check by using
    terraform --version


choco install terraform --version=0.12.14 --force  

to install version that you like.

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Firstly, I would read the upgrade guides written by Hashicorp to make upgrading versions transparent. In your case I would read both 0.10 and 0.11 as they're likely to have changes that will affect you.

Secondly, in addition to this test in isolation with later versions of Terraform, i.e. not using remote state file and in a sandbox environment.

Lastly, locate where the current Terraform binary is located, perhaps check your Environment Variables for a PATH that may lead to where the executable is, and replace that with the latest version of Terraform which you can download here.

  • Thank you! I found an answer! I removed the terraform path from system environment variables. also deleted the terraform from c:/windows/bin/terraform file Feb 21, 2018 at 2:10

This worked for me:

To update Terraform on Windows, you can follow these steps:

Download the Latest Terraform Release:

Go to the Terraform downloads page: https://www.terraform.io/downloads.html Download the Windows 64-bit version of Terraform. Save the zip file to your computer. Extract the Terraform Executable:

Locate the downloaded zip file (e.g., terraform.zip) and extract it. Extract the terraform.exe file from the zip archive. You can extract it to a folder of your choice. Replace the Old Terraform Executable:

Navigate to the folder where your current Terraform executable (terraform.exe) is located. This is usually the directory where you originally extracted Terraform or a directory in your system's PATH. Replace the old terraform.exe file with the new one you extracted. Verify the Update:

Open a command prompt and type terraform version to verify that the update was successful. You should see the new version of Terraform displayed.

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