I am little naive yet in server setups. But i am trying to do something like this. I have nginx installed for handling http and https requests using reverse proxy method for different domains

(ex- api1.mydomain.com redirecting to localhost:8080, api2.mydomain.com redirecting to localhost:4040 etc... )

. I also have an mqtt broker running on my machine for which i want to setup wss protocol. My mqtt broker support wss and i dont want to use nginx as one more intermediate layer, but when i use wss://mqtt.mydomain.com:1883/mqtt for my broker using mqttJs in browser it throws error "



I am using digitalocean and i have created A Records for all my subdomains - ex - api1,api2,mqtt etc pointing to my droplet.

  1. How can i configure my nginx such that it should not handle mqtt.feturtles.com and let that pass to the broker directly

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