I'm kind of new to C# and i don't really know if I'm doing this correctly. So i have two forms, one of creating a character and one for the main game that I'm making. I have a two radio buttons to choose a character gender on one form. Now i want to pass whatever gender the user chose as text onto a label on the main game form.

On my CharacterCreation form i have created the following method:

public string characterGender(string Male, string Female, int id)
    String genderFemale = Female;
    String genderMale = Male;
    int ID = id;

    if (radiobtngenderFemale.Checked == true)
        id = 1;
        return Female;   
    else if (radiobtngenderMale.Checked == true)
        id = 2;
        return Male;

On my main game form i have the following code:

public partial class MainGame : Form
    private CharacterCreation _characterCreation;

    public MainGame()
        _characterCreation = new CharacterCreation();        

        lbl1.Text = _characterCreation.characterGender()

    private void MainGame_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


However I'm getting an error: "There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter"

I've looked at a lot of other topics but couldn't really find an answer.

  • This is not the full error message. – tkausl Feb 21 at 22:18
  • When calling _characterCreation.characterGender() you have to supply it with your 3 parameters string Male, string Female, int id by writing values that you want to give them inside the function call brackets, that are empty in your case, which is why you are getting an error. – Ian H. Feb 21 at 22:24
  • 2
    I know you are a beginner but maybe take a step back and look at your logic. The method characterGender() takes 3 parameters (string Male, string Female, int id). You dont pass those parameters when you call the method. Also the genderFemale and genderMale variables arent used at all in the method, whats the point of them? You also don't need to check in your if statements if(radiobtngenderMale.Checked == true) you can just check if(radiobtngenderMale.Checked) – maccettura Feb 21 at 22:24

When you are calling the method _characterCreation.characterGender()

You need to pass the declared parameters.

Or remove the parameters from your method

characterGender(string Male, string Female, int id)


  • 1
    I can only add to that, that Windows Forms is not the right tool to develop a game. While turnbased singleplayer and hotseat multiplayer games are possible, even those have limits. Solitaire might well be the upper bound of what is possible in Windows Forms. In general you should be using a dedicated approach liek XNA in .NET Framework or any of the 3 ways for .NET Core (microsoft.com/net/learn/apps/gaming) – Christopher Feb 21 at 22:30
  • Then you havent heard about Aurora 4x. Anyhow im not really looking to make a great game just practicing and learning – atazs Feb 21 at 23:59

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