I'm building a system, based on Node.JS, to connect with MetaTrader and to process all action like link account, open, close trade order...

But I still have not found out the way how to connect with MetaTrader in Nodejs. Can you give me a solution or package examples, that can help me do that? Thanks!

  • Hey, I'm trying to do the same. Did you ever find a solution for this? – Leon Peter May 15 at 5:33


MetaTrader software suite has multiple parts, only one of which is a customer-facing one - the MetaTrader Terminal 4/5. This terminal software communicates with MT4/5 Server and there are many other, additional Broker-side MetaTrader suite, server-cooperating systems.

Given your indication above, you seem to plan for Node.JS functional integration with MetaTrader Terminal piece of software.


As clarified above, the MetaTrader Terminal 4/5 software platform is the subject of interest and before technical steps are taken, a validation ought take place, so as to confirm, whether programmable features and services, natively supported inside MT4 Terminal are covering all you needs or not.

Given the MT4 Terminal has a programmable ecosystem for both for automated processing and for semi-automated back-testing, these two principal directions do not provide the same level of comfort for integration with an external cooperating logic or event-flow.

Given you project needs are not met with the built-in native MQL4/MQL5 code-execution environment, your further approach will have to be mixed with some GUI-manipulating assistive technologies, which may help to cover the gaps detected in the functional mapping pre-validation phase.


For the purpose of making the MT4 Terminal code-execution ecosystem to cooperate with external worlds, there is a built in ability to #import extending features, not present in the native MQL4/5 language via DLL-s.

Having received this freedom of design, the user-code in the MQL4/5 language can borrow all missing features and services available for such integration projects.

Both Node.JS and MetaTrader Terminal 4/5 can use ZeroMQ and/or nanomsg for a fast and productive integration of a heterogeneous distributed system, which seems to be a match for your indicated needs.

Feel free to read other posts here and here, about signalling/messaging function-plane concepts, used for the sake of this very kind of system integration.

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You can try this cloud service which provides REST API and websocket API access to both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts, called MetaApi https://metaapi.cloud.

Official API documentation: https://metaapi.cloud/docs/client

SDKs: https://metaapi.cloud/sdks (node.js SDK is provided)

It supports reading account information, positions, orders, trade history, receiving quotes and accessing market data.

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