I am trying to compare two strings in python 3.6 and if they are not equal then print a message and exit. My current code is:

location = 'United States of America'
if location.lower() != 'united states of america' or location.lower() != 'usa':
    print('Location was different = {}'.format(location.lower()))
    #do something

But the above code is not able to match the two strings and even though they are equal, it enters the loop and prints that they are different. I know its some silly mistake that I am making but unable to figure it out.

  • of course it will enter it, 'United States of America'.lower() != 'usa' – Shinra tensei Feb 22 '18 at 9:42

Your condition:

if location.lower() != 'united states of america' or location.lower() != 'usa':

will never be False, since location.lower() can't be 2 different strings at the same time.

I suspect you want:

if location.lower() != 'united states of america' and location.lower() != 'usa':
  • 3
    even better: if location.lower() not in ('united states', 'usa'): – user2722968 Feb 22 '18 at 9:44

You are looking for an AND condition instead of a OR condition in your if statement. If you change that you should be set

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