I'm trying to configure a hostPath to launch Mongodb pod.

I have only one node of kubernetes v1.8.5 installed with rancher last stable version.

I have create folder /mongo/data and allow all permissions to all users. enter image description here

I'm able to run docker image perfectly with docker without sudo:

docker run --name some-mongo -v /mongo/data:/data/db mongo:3.2.1

But when I launch to kubernetes:

sudo kubectl create -f mongodb.yml

I get MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "mongo" : hostPath type check failed: /mongo/data is not a directory

This is the mongodb.yml:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: test-pd
  - image: mongo:3.2.1
    name: test-container
    - mountPath: /data/db
      name: mongo
  - name: mongo
      # directory location on host
      path: /mongo/data
      # this field is optional
      type: Directory

Any idea where I should looking for?


Changing type: Directory to type: DirectoryOrCreate works for me.


Removing type: Directory from the mongodb.yml works as expected

  • New versions of Kubernetes allows type: DirectoryOrCreate – TlmaK0 May 10 '19 at 12:58

If by any chance you are using minikube, then don't forget that minikube itself is a container. So hostPath points to a path in that container, not to a path on your host machine. You have to mount your PC path into the minikube container and then into the POD.

Example: minikube start --mount --mount-string="/host/path:/minikubeContainer/path"

  • Dude, thanks a ton! Just a note - minikube is VM, not a container. – Skyblade Jan 5 at 20:04
  • @Skyblade Glad to help, also glad to learn something new! Do you mind expanding on the "minikube is VM"? I thought that if you are using Docker, then minikube is its container. E.g. you can do docker ps and see the minikube container running. Additionally, I had many problems when I was trying to free some disk space by cleaning docker system prune, and it deleted my stopped minikube container. I was completely confused, like where did my minikube instance go?! Maybe I am wrong though, how do you know it is a VM? – PedoDorf Jan 9 at 13:49
  • My bad. It was true in the past, but now minikube uses docker driver, so this is not true. Sorry for misleading you. – Skyblade Jan 16 at 21:45

You are creating the docker container directly on the master node. As a result of this you could be able to run docker container with the newly created directory. But when you launch the kubernetes yaml file, it intends to run on a worker node. Since you create the directory on the master node, kubelet cannot find directory on worker node and failing. That's why "DirectoryorCreate" value on type flag is a kind of solution for this.

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