I'm new to dialogflow. I'm trying to get "comments" and "notes" from the user. For these kind of parameters, I'm using "@sys.any" entity. without mixing the value of comments and notes, how to use two "@sys.any" entity in dialogflow. Thanks in advance.


You can assign a parameter name to an entity and thereby distinguish between entities of the same type. The parameter name is usually given behind the colon in a entity reference, i.e. you could have a @sys.any:comment and @sys.any:note in the same intent.

  • cloud.google.com/dialogflow/docs/agents-design Do not define entities that match virtually anything. This degrades the performance and quality of ML. Nearly everything in every training phrase will be evaluated as a possible match. Consider using "@sys.any" instead. Similarly, composite entities should not contain a single "@sys.any" as a synonym. – Paddy Popeye Aug 8 at 11:32

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