I am capturing output event in method without parameter and it's working fine. but when i try to build AOT --prod getting folloing error.

Expected 0 arguments, but got 1

Html code: SaveSortOrder($event)
backend code: SaveSortOrder() {}

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AOT is very strict. In this case you are passing the value of $event when you call SaveSortOrder, but the method doesn't accept one. Either change the html not to pass $event or add an argument to SaveSortOrder.

Do one of the following:

Html code <button click="SaveSortOrder()" />

backend SaveSortOrder($event: any) { /* ... */ }

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In the local environment, it doesn't give an error but on the live environment, it gives error so to solve that perform any one of the following fix.

Reason You pas a parameter from HTML but doesn't have a variable in typescript method

Component Html Fix


Component ts file Fix SaveSortOrder($event: any) { }


The html send a parameter to his function in typescript that not excepeted or vice versa. Html Code

<div (click)="closeSideInfo($event)">


 closeSideInfo() {}

Then, remove a parameter in html or adding it to function in typescript

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