If I create a .NET Core self-contained deployment (SCD) ...

dotnet new console
dotnet publish -c RELEASE -r linux-x64

... I get a folder with 186 files.

enter image description here

(List of all files https://gist.github.com/dhcgn/15e3cf44b2e0c76e8b8d76d32e01f4e7)

How can I pack these files in one executable for linux?

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Update There is an open feature request for publishing a dotnet application to one self contained executable file

Original Answer Short answer, to my knowledge, is that you can't get a "single file" self contained deployment package.

The generated directory contains your self contained deployment package with a linux executable file that matches your project name. That executable will run on a compatible Linux server without installed dependencies. Scott Hanselman did a nice write up about self contained deployments.

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