I upgraded to Swift 3 and I'm having an impossible time finding tips online to fix this. I was able to research move and add a line but not this one.

CGPathAddArcToPoint(bubblePath, nil,
    bubbleRect.origin.x+bubbleRect.size.width, bubbleRect.origin.y, 
    bubbleRect.origin.x+bubbleRect.size.width, bubbleRect.origin.y+self.cornerRadius,

Here is my original code but I have no idea how to convert it. I'm pretty sure I need to use addArc but that is the extent of my research.

Can someone please help me?


This is now a method and not a loose global function (as quoted in this related question), so the way you'd need to do this should be something like:

let bubblePath = CGMutablePath.init()
let point1 = CGPoint(x: bubbleRect.origin.x+bubbleRect.size.width, y: bubbleRect.origin.y)
let point2 = CGPoint(x: bubbleRect.origin.x+bubbleRect.size.width, y: bubbleRect.origin.y+self.cornerRadius) 
bubblePath.addArc(tangent1End: point1, tangent2End: point2, radius: self.cornerRadius)
  • bubblePath is probably already in place so the first line may not be needed. – rmaddy Feb 22 '18 at 21:47
  • Thank you so much i appreciate your help. I will fix this right now. – The Architect Feb 22 '18 at 21:54

The Swift (3 and later) replacement for that one is addArc(tangent1End:tangent2End:radius:transform:).

You can use it like this (also using some other handy Swift API on CGRect to be concise):

bubblePath.addArc(tangent1End: CGPoint(x: bubbleRect.maxX, y: bubbleRect.minY)
                  tangent2End: CGPoint(x: bubbleRect.maxX, y: bubbleRect.minY + self.cornerRadius),
                  radius: self.cornerRadius)

(Note the transform parameter has a default value of .identity, so you can leave it off in cases where you'd have used nil with the global-function version.)

  • Thank you so much, i will add this ASAP. Much appreciated. – The Architect Feb 22 '18 at 21:52

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