I have HTML code which looks like this

<div class="A"> 
   <div class="B">
       <div class="c">

if i do A.element(by.css(.c)) will i be able to get the class c div.

ParentElement.Element(some locator) will it search in grand child of the parent element or only the direct descendants of the parent

if A.element(by.css(.c)) is not the right way which is the correct way to search grand child of a parent element

  • You have provided a sample HTML, can you update the question with your exact Manual Step which you are trying to Automate? – DebanjanB Feb 23 '18 at 1:23

Assuming that the div has a unique class, element(by.css(".c")); will find that div. Here is a list of other locators you can use. However, you aren't searching for the grand child, you are only finding the element with class "c".
If you are looking to find a grandchild without a class, I would advise using xpath such as element(by.xpath("div>div>div")); However, using a unique locator such as an ID or class will always be more reliable.

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