I'm trying to use hubot msg object to send http request, but finally get this error: Error: connect EINVAL 0.0.xx.xx:80 - Local (

A similar question is saying this is caused by hosts file, but no detail.

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    Whatever api you are hitting, make sure it has protocol mentioned. For e.g. http://<your_api_host>:<port>
    – Shiva
    Jul 17, 2018 at 20:40
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    Double check your <HOST>:<PORT> syntaxes. If it is a proxy_http problem, then, I think you can check this issue: https://github.com/request/tunnel-agent/issues/39
    – Thanh Tran
    Jun 24, 2019 at 3:48

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I've been seeing this problem multiple times during the last two years. In all cases it was what @Shiva said: either the protocol or the port was missing.

Here is the most recent occurrence of this problem a co-worker had with the axios module in a Node.js application:

axios({ method: "get", url: "hostname:8080/liveness" })

After prepending http it worked:

axios({ method: "get", url: "http://hostname:8080/liveness" })


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