I am trying to deploy https://github.com/jus/huuu.github.io to heroku. Site is live at https://floating-retreat-20794.herokuapp.com , I get "ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key" for recaptcha. I register a new recaptcha. Where I can put my key, secret and response in this code. I am a newbie. Thanks. Edit: I added only recaptcha key to code (secret key and response not added) But it seems to be working...Any suggestion?


Create a file inside config/initializers/ like recaptcha.rb

On the recaptcha.rb look like this

Recaptcha.configure do |config|
    config.site_key = '6LfKFQoUxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
    config.secret_key = '6LfKFQoUAxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

And then restart the server

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