I am learning to react. The version I installed is 16. I installed prop-types via npm after I got an error that 'react-scripts' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

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  • Are you using create-react-app?
    – Agney
    Feb 23 '18 at 6:57
  • run npm install if you are using create-react-app Feb 23 '18 at 7:02
  • yes, i am using create-react-app, but it has been working till i installed prop-types Feb 23 '18 at 7:04
  • make it available globally. npm install -g create-react-app Feb 23 '18 at 7:07
  • 3
    do one thing delete node_modules and package-lock.json file. and again npm install Feb 23 '18 at 7:18

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It is an error about react-scripts file missing in your node modules directory at the time of installation.

Now, you can add manually this via the command:

npm install react-scripts


I had the same issue, resolved by simply running following command in the project root folder -

npm install react-scripts --save
  • Installing react-scripts globally is not recommended by the CRA maintainers: github.com/facebook/create-react-app/issues/… May 28 '19 at 7:51
  • @TomášHübelbauer - should it be --save May 28 '19 at 12:25
  • 1
    You have react-scripts --saved by default after you have used CRA. So you do not need to re-save it. If npm install (with or without deleting node_modules) doesn't fix the issue, the problem is likely with an old version of NPM or a problem with PATH which can be fixed as per my answer. May 28 '19 at 13:02

If none of the above solutions works and you have already installed the "react-scripts" package using

npm install react-scripts --save

You can try the below solution to run the application.

You should see the following in your package.json file

"scripts": {
    "start": "react-scripts start",
    "build": "react-scripts build",

The script : "start": "react-scripts start" is linked to the file : nodemon node_modules/react-scripts/scripts/start.js which is used to start the project in the development env

Try to start the project directly using the below commands:

node node_modules/react-scripts/scripts/start.js

or if you have nodemon installed then try

nodemon node_modules/react-scripts/scripts/start.js

Hope this helps :)


Simply remove node_modules folder and run npm install

  • it has broken everything! C:\Users\Xxxx>npm install internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:582 throw err; ^ Error: Cannot find module 'semver'
    – Giox
    Nov 29 '18 at 17:42
  • by running npm install it will generate node_module package with all other dependencies into it. Goto to project path- run npm install from CLI
    – Saurav
    Nov 30 '18 at 7:53

I found the community answer, which is perfect solution enter image description here


I just had this issue and this solution worked just fine.


npm install react-scripts

that should solve it... Enjoy!!!


Just type npm install and after that run npm start. This solved the problem for me.


If it doesn't get resolved even after running

npm install 


npm install react-scripts 


node node_modules/react-scripts/scripts/start.js

Or use node js command-line tool and do npm install and npm start This solved the problem for me


One of the causes of this issue is corrupted PATH and the only fix I found for that issue was to (re)install NVM and let the installer take control over the installed Node version when it asks to do so and it will fix the PATH for you. In my case that was the fix.


deleting the node_modules folder and the *.lock file then running npm install in the project directory through the terminal worked. I tried with yarn install and it worked too after removing the mentioned files above.


It's quite common problem. Do the following steps:-

  • npm audit The message will be like - 7 vulnerabilities (1 low, 6 high) You will get the vulnerabilities, and now fix it with
  • npm audit fix or npm audit fix --force will prompt message like this removed 4 packages, changed 82 packages, and audited 1623 packages in 7s

found 0 vulnerabilities

Problem Solved, Happy Hacking


Resolved by running the following command:

yarn add react-scripts


For this error you just have to delete lock file and use command yarn


You just have to install React Script Again. You just need to run the command npm i react-scripts and then run npm start


Hello I'm learning the MERN stack as well(wise use of quarantine time right? ) Anyways, I'm using WINDOWS 10, and I have the same error as well.

I tried react-scripts start and react-scripts is not recognized as an internal command

I did a bit of googling and found out that you need to npm install react-scripts -g <- notice the -g (stands for global? I think? )

I hope this helps :>


Just go to the Terminal and on the directory which you start your server. TYPE npm install react-scripts

you will be good to go


I was trying to use 'nodemon server' then had the same error. When I tried 'npx nodemon server', it worked. Try to use 'npx' in front of 'npm'


Instead of writing react-scripts start just write npm start.

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