In the shopping basket of my site, i need to allow a form POST of XML coming from a third-party service.

The possible solutions i can find is for webforms and < Umbraco 7. I'm aware that you can disable page validation entirely, but that's not an option in my case.

Does someone know the equivalent way of using the control <umbraco:DisableRequestValidation runat="server"/> in MVC?


for security reason, I would suggest try use [AllowHtml] on property which would contain the xml content

so say you viewmodel has property call ThirdPartyContent which will have xml:

    public class VM
        public string Name { get; set; }
        public string ThirdPartyContent { get; set; }

this implicit state which property you are aware will contain potential malicious content (which is angle bracket)

[ValidateInput(false)] does the trick but will assume all property may contain xml content which may not be good thing

more info checkout this SO answer which say the difference between [AllowHtml] and [ValidateInput(false)]

ValidateInput(false) vs AllowHtml


I found the answer to my own question. It's possible to set the [ValidateInput(false)] annotation on RenderMvcControllers. So you can do it per document type which is kinda nice.

I'll leave the answer here in case someone else needs to do the same thing.

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