When querying a base class NHibernate will create a left outer join for each of the base's subclasses. This happens even if the query is on properties only in the base and projections are set on those properties.


SELECT this_.Id as y0_, this_.Name as y1_ FROM AnimalBase this_ 
    left outer join Dog this_1_ on this_.Id=this_1_.AnimalBaseFK 
    left outer join Cat this_2_ on this_.Id=this_2_.AnimalBaseFK 
WHERE lower(this_.Name) like @p0;@p0 = '%rover%'

My question is how should I change this default behavior?



Look here:

How to perform a non-polymorphic HQL query in Hibernate?


This is done because NHibernate uses polymorphic queries by default. I mean, if you do this:

select * from Animal

NHibernate will try to retrieve all animals. So, if you have a Dog class that inherits from Animal, it means that a Dog is an Animal. (Which is logic , since inheritance describes an IS-A relationship).

You can disable this behaviour. For more information: Loading a base class through nhibernate incorrectly uses mappings from derived classes

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