I'm trying to implement AWS-Amplify in a React Native app so that events can be sent to Pinpoint for analytics. A user doesn't need to be signed in to use the app, so they would be unauthenticated with Cognito.

I am noticing that the identity of the unauthenticated user doesn't seem to persist, so when I close or uninstall the app, a new identity id is generated when I launch the app. The docs suggest that this should be cached, but it seems the cache is clearing out when using AWS Amplify.

Is there a way to set or reuse an identity id for a returning unauthenticated user on AWS-Amplify or Cognito so new identity ids don't get assigned ?

I looked through amazon-cognito-identity-js to see if there was a way to do this with an unauthenticated user and wasn't able to find what I am describing: see here.

I'm new to AWS Amplify/Cognito/Pinpoint in general, so any thoughts or suggestions to do something similar would be greatly appreciated!


This is a known issue in the AWS Amplify and should have been fixed in the latest version.

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    For your answer to be useful, you should provide some code. – rainer Mar 29 '18 at 19:22

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