In R 3.4.3 (Windows 10) while loading the packages arulesViz:

Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘arulesViz’: object ‘cividis’ is not exported by 'namespace:viridisLite'

I tried to uninstall and install, but did not help. What is wrong and how can i correct it?

  • small correction , this error is while loading the packages arulesViz. It is installed properly ,MD5 sum checked. Feb 24, 2018 at 12:46

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Basically you need to install the dependencies of arulesViz. I tried with Scatterplot3d , viznetwork, vcd, virdislite.


I also faced similar problem. This problem can be resolved by installing package "viridisLite" along with "arulesViz" for me it worked no need to reinstallthe R or Rstudio


It get solved , after reinstall RStudio + removed old version of R. Disadvantage is all libraries will also get removed. So you have to load again.


I had the same issue with the seriation package. Ultimately I found that I just had to uninstall and reinstall r and r studio. Then i ran update.packages() and I had no problems.


This is a pain, as there are several packages with dependencies for packages which in turn import viridisLite, and this error is very opaque for users...

One thing I've found works (apart from manually install.packages("") each package mentioned in the error) is to switch repositories to the RStudio-maintained Cloud repo. (repo 0).

The problem seems to have hit people with a default repo that has incompatible versions of packages at the time people use it, and the cloud repo seems to avoid/not suffer from this problem.

Hope this helps

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