Hi has anyone already tried the new "Flutter Outline"-View?

I only see "Nothing to show" what I do wrong? Has anyone an idea?

enter image description here


Click to red restart dart analysis server button. It works for me.

enter image description here


Edit: the below was the solution for the time. It seems this started to happen again recently and the solution is different. Please check the highly voted answer below for this. https://stackoverflow.com/a/61165205/679553

As I can tell from the Gitter chat, you are under the alpha channel, because you probably installed Flutter SDK through the IntelliJ plugin (this is a bug).

Open a terminal/command window and type flutter channel. You'll see that you are in the alpha channel, which is actually abandoned. You need to be in the dev channel, but for some reason switching from alpha to dev does not work. Do this:

flutter channel master
flutter doctor
flutter channel dev
flutter doctor
flutter channel

This should tell you that you are in dev channel. Now restart IntelliJ and try again.

If it still won't work, maybe you are on Windows like me? I filed a bug report about that.

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  • after restarting the android studio don't forget to run the application to see the tree
    – Gvep
    Apr 21 '20 at 10:34

enter image description here

From my experience, hold Ctrl/Command and click on that widget to activate your FLutter Outline.


right click in the file and select 'reformat code with dartfmt' it will format your code and then left click in the file and select dart outline.


just run

flutter pub upgrade it works for me


Hover mouse pointer over any class/property, then press Alt + Enter on the keyboard. You can see all of the items in the Flutter Outline.

Flutter Outline.

  • I never get screen of this kind in my vscode! Please help!
    – Ankur Shah
    Apr 2 '20 at 19:52
  • This is Android Studio feature. You can not find this in VsCode. Apr 4 '20 at 13:15

This happened to me too. What I did is just went to the 'main.dart' file, the outline for the main file appeared, and then switch back to the current file and the outline worked. I do this every time and it solves the issue.


Minimize the flutter outline tab (by clicking on it)

Move the mouse to any widget and Press Ctrl (or ⌘ command on macOS) and click on that widget.

After this step, expand your Flutter Outline and it will be enabled and showing widget tree

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