I would like to know if it is possible to implement a custom button (inside a FMX application developed with RADstudio) which behaves like an Android floating button.

Floating button (Android documentation)

  • Yes, We can. You need to handle all the floating behavior manually. I recommend go with native Floating button only. It is easy and also saves your development time. – Prafulla Malviya Feb 24 at 20:16
  • Thank you for the replay, what do you mean with "go with native floating button only?" – LLuca Feb 24 at 20:51
  • Already they have provided the floating button then why you want to achieve the same with custom approach? – Prafulla Malviya Feb 24 at 20:52
  • Ok wait, I'm not able to find a button component inside RADstudio that behaves like an android floating button, so i thought I needed to implement it myself (that's why I said "custom") – LLuca Feb 24 at 20:57
  • yes you can, simply draw it yourself on the top of the form. – loki Feb 24 at 21:58
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Updated: Btw you can use SpeedButton with this circle image, so you can skip some routines below.

Prepare a png image (better 3 images with 3 scales) with your button.

Scale 1 = 56x56
Scale 2 = 112x112
Scale 3 = 168x168

Place it in TImageList (usually in global Datamodule), add your image in list, and add 3 scales factor to a source image (Double click on item in "Source of images" list in ImageList), so one image in TImageList will have 3 scale factors. Place TGlyph on a form and select your image list there.

Set OnClick event in Form OnCreate (because Glyph1 has no OnClick by default in Object Inspector):

Glyph1.OnClick := Click;
Glyph1.HitTest := true; 

In OnClick add this code to animate:

procedure TForm2.TestClick(Sender: TObject);
  TAnimator.AnimateFloatWait(Glyph1, 'Opacity', 0.5, 0.2);
  TAnimator.AnimateFloat(Glyph1, 'Opacity', 1, 0.2);

Or you can use TImage - it's even easier and less code than above.

Also you can use NativeAPI to draw Circle + image + shadow with antialiasing on Android/iOS with Firemonkey. http://www.cnblogs.com/onechen https://github.com/rzaripov1990/ZMaterialComponents But it's slower than a simple image.

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