How can I move files from current folder to previous folder ?

for example, if I am in folder the contain file with name f.txt and I want to move it to the previous folder, how can I do it?

I tried something like that, but it's not working:

mov f.txt ./
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The environment variable OLDPWD stores the last directory you were in before doing a cd to change the current directory.

Be sure to put double quotes around "$OLDPWD", otherwise if the previous folder contained spaces in its path, e.g. /home/me/some folder, bash will split the path into two arguments, and mv will therefore try to move f.txt and /home/me/some into folder, which is not what you want of course.

$ pwd
/home/me/some folder
$ cd /tmp
$ mv f.txt "$OLDPWD"
$ ls "/home/me/some folder"
… f.txt …

If instead you want to move the file to the parent folder, then the following will work:

$ mv f.txt ..
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    ~- might work too in place of "$OLDPWD" .. – Sundeep Feb 25 at 14:46

This should be enough:

mv * ..

If you need something specific, for example, if you know the extension of the files (for example for text files, you can use *.txt):

mv *.txt ..

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