I have a failing scenario in cucumber, and I'd like to debug my rails controller using ruby-debug. But if I add 'debugger' to the point where I want to break, it doesn't stop.

I tried adding require of ruby-debug and rubygems to the features/support/env.rb but then it says to me that it can't load ruby-debug, although ruby-debug is on the gem list and I can load it in irb.

So... what should I do to get it working?


  • What version of Ruby are you using? Feb 4, 2011 at 17:52
  • ruby 1.8.7 (2010-12-23 patchlevel 330) [i386-mingw32] on Windows Vista
    – Thiago
    Feb 4, 2011 at 18:36

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i had this same problem today, and i got it figured out. here's my blog post explaining the two different ways I got it working:


you may just need to add require "ruby-debug" to your features/support/env.rb file to get it working.


Try adding breakpoint instead of debugger.

That should work


They key here is definitely getting ruby-debug loaded first.

If you're having problems with gems not loading, and the gem is definitely listed in your Gemfile, run cucumber like:

bundle exec cucumber ...

This is often necessary with bundler.


For the modern Ruby version of a debugger (using binding.pry), I recommend create a file features/support/debugging.rb with the following contents, and then calling cucumber with environment variables set to debug:

# `LAUNCHY=1 cucumber` to open page on failure
After do |scenario|
  # rubocop:disable Lint/Debugger
  save_and_open_page if scenario.failed? && ENV['LAUNCHY']
  # rubocop:enable Lint/Debugger

# `FAST=1 cucumber` to stop on first failure
After do |scenario|
  Cucumber.wants_to_quit = ENV['FAST'] && scenario.failed?

# `DEBUG=1 cucumber` to drop into debugger
Before do |scenario|
  next unless ENV['DEBUG']
  # rubocop:disable Lint/Debugger
  puts "Debugging scenario: #{scenario.title}"
  # rubocop:enable Lint/Debugger

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