After extensively searching over google about SSDT and SSDT-BI for different SQL Server versions, I would like someone to pin-point differences and clear my messed up thoughts !

Aim: To upgrade SSIS packages from sql server-2012 to sql server-2014.

  • Originally build from: build on SSDT-BI 2010 Shell(Integrated) which were deployed on SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition.

Now I need to deploy them on SQL Server 2014 Developer edition (for test purpose).

  • I have successfully installed SSDT-BI 2013 Shell(Integrated) and SSDT 2015 Shell(Integrated).


  1. When I open my package in 2013, it prompts for Package Upgrade wizard(which later on fails to upgrade), but 2015 doesn't give any such prompt (why?). It simply opens. I understand that this is because, we can choose Deployment Target Version in 2015 and 'package upgrade' is done in 2015 when actually deploying at any version. So am I right?
  2. I thought SSDT 2015 was meant to be only for SQL Server 2016 and not earlier versions. So, am I right to assume that SSDT 2013 can be used with SQL 2012 ?
  3. 2015 Shell(Integrated) is SSDT or SSDT-BI? What's the difference in it?

What I understand:

    • SQL 2012 : SSDT-BI 2010 Shell Integrated
    • SQL 2014 : SSDT-BI 2013 Shell Integrated
    • SQL 2016 : SSDT 2015 Shell Integrated
  1. Backwards compatibility of SQL 2016. ie Packages created in SSDT 2015 can be deployed on 2016,2014,2012.

I would appreciate someone answering point by point and clear the confusion. Definitely, there is some pointers, which I don't understand fully.


ps: This blog was helpful while figuring things.


First and Second problem

If you check this Microsoft article, then you will see that SSDT 2015 can be used with SQL Server 2012+, but SSDT 2013 is only used with SQL Server 2014

Third problem

If you refer to this Artcile:

In SSIS 2012 , 2013:

Because of confusion with the database tools in Visual Studio (also called SSDT), the templates were renamed to SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (SSDT-BI).

In SSIS 2015 :

Database tools and business intelligence tools are combined into one single product: SSDT. Separate download.

You can also refer to this link for additional info:

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    Exactly the links I was looking for. Thanks for pointing them. – Prabhat G Feb 26 '18 at 12:27

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