I read many post on internet that LEMP + wordpress is faster than LAMP + wordpress. I installed lemp + wordpress.

The results = Nginx is five time slower than apache!

I am not able to find a good solution to make lemp + wordpress work as good as lamp + wordpress.

If anyone knows a solution, help is appreciated.


  • Without any clue of the possible misconfigurations you could have set I'm pretty sure you will not get any interesting responses. Broad questions, broad answers. Try thoughts and prayers, maybe. – regilero Feb 26 '18 at 13:57

A LAMP or LEMP stack for a web server is made up of four pieces of software:

  • L – the Linux operating system
  • A/E – Apache or nginx Web Server
  • M – MySQL as the relational database management system
  • P – either Perl, Python, or PHP as the scripting language

When nginx is used instead of Apache, the LAMP stack becomes a LEMP stack – the “E” refers to the implied “E” in the word “engine,” as nginx is pronounced “engine-x.”

So LEMP is dedicated to work with NGINX, it's normal it is faster than LAMP which work with Apache

Source : https://www.atlantic.net/managed-hosting/lamp-vs-lemp-choosing-apache-or-nginx-web-server/

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