We are using a different database schema name for each environment (e.g. "dev", "test", "prod"), and I'm trying to setup Migrations with Entity Framework Core.

The first thing I did was Add-Migration Init, which as expected created a Migration for the initial schema. However, this Migration hard-codes the schema name:

    name: "dev");

    name: "MyTable",
    schema: "dev",
    columns: table => new

I guess I could modify the Migration files generated by dotnet ef to use a schema name based on an environment variable, but I'd rather not modify these auto-generated files if possible.

Is there any other way to use an environment-specific schema name?


MS SQL Server supports default_schema for user.

You may create different users with different default schemes (also you may restrict this users from accessing "other" schemes) and use different connection strings for different environments.

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