I have an AnnualOperatingBudget table. It has many Budget Expenses.

 public function view($id = null)
        $annualOperatingBudget = $this->AnnualOperatingBudgets->get($id, [
            'contain' => ['Azinstitutions', 

        $this->set('annualOperatingBudget', $annualOperatingBudget );

I have a foreach loop in my view.ctp

<td class="nonBulletList">

    <?php foreach ($annualOperatingBudget['budget_expenses'] as $expense): ?>

        <li><?= $this->Number->
                       currency($expense->expense, 'USD', ['places' => 1]) ?>

   <?php endforeach; ?>


I need to row with the sum of all those expenses.

I tried to add this to my AnnualOperatingBudgetsController:

$expenseResult = $annualOperatingBudget->select(
                   ['expense_sum' => $annualOperatingBudget->
                     first(); //perform sum for the current year expenses list

$current_year_expenses = $expenseResult->expense_sum; // total sum result of Expenses

but I am getting an Error Call to undefined method App\Model\Entity\AnnualOperatingBudget::select()


In general you're mixing up Entity and Table functions. Get returns an Entity:

 $annualOperatingBudget = $this->AnnualOperatingBudgets->get($id, [

You can't call select on an Entity, the error is trying to describe that:

$annualOperatingBudget->select( // This won't work

The select function is for a Query, which you'll normally get from a Table, ex:

// Returns a Query object for the AnnualOperatingBudgets table:
$query = $this->AnnualOperatingBudgets->find();

// Add the select and joins to this query
/* @var \Cake\ORM\Query $query */
$expenseResult = $query
    ->join(['BudgetExpenses'])// To sum on this table, you need to join on it too
        'expense_sum' => $query->func()->sum('BudgetExpenses.expense')
    ->first(); // Will return one row

Another option would be to actually sum the expenses you output directly in the template:

    $totalExpenses = 0;
    foreach ($annualOperatingBudget['budget_expenses'] as $expense) {
    $totalExpenses += $expense->expense;
    <?= $this->Number->currency($expense->expense, 'USD', ['places' => 1]) ?>
<?php }; ?>
        <?= $totalExpenses ?>

Might want to read up a bit on these:

  • I took your advice and added it to the view template: <td><?= $this->Number->currency($totalExpenses, 'USD', ['places' => 1]) ?></td> – Ken Feb 27 '18 at 18:26

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