Simple question. I'm considering Firebird and SQLite for an upcoming project. SQLite has SQLite Administrator, which is pretty good but gets +1M because it has autocomplete. But Firebird supports FKs, so I'm more comfortable with it. I'm leaning toward Firebird right now.

What is your favorite Firebird IDE and why?

Edit: Personally, I'll be gravitating toward the free ones because I'm not making much on this project. But I'll leave the question as is.

  • all: it'll take me a while to come up with an answer for this one, be patient.
    – jcollum
    Jan 29 '09 at 16:52
  • ibphoenix.com/download/tools/admin this is from the firebird official site. there are 15 ide with their capability described shortly . some can do backup restore. some can modify table scheme
    – bh_earth0
    Apr 10 '19 at 7:49

Test all this !

For me the best is IBExpert and after Database Workbench because they have stored procedure debugger

(*) means free or have free version (personal...)


I like IBExpert for Firebird (or Interbase). They have a free personal edition.

  • 1
    The only one that's complete at this time and worked. But I didn't test it thoroughly because I decided against FB.
    – jcollum
    Feb 4 '09 at 22:34

I would not want to enter it into a contest for best Firebird IDE (yet), but you could look into FlameRobin for a free multi-platform administration program for Firebird. It has auto completion, starts as fast as no other GUI tool I know of, and the price should be right for you.

  • FlameRobin ins't better than IBExpert. Jun 11 '10 at 17:44
  • @DanielGrillo what makes IBExpert better for you?
    – Bas
    Jan 25 '18 at 11:06
  • 1
    @Bas Nowadays I don't know if IBExpert is better than FlameRobin. This comment is 'very' old. Feb 21 '18 at 16:24

Databaseworkbench - does everthing - SQL Developer's heaven


I have used the free version of EMS SQL Manager. It is a great IDE with all the features I ever need and compares with something like Management Studio for SQL Server. Link

  • I spent about 20 mins looking at this one, stopped when it couldn't create a database: "can't find procedure isc_dsql_execute_immediate fbclient.dll". Not saying it's bad, but if it encounters a critical issue that soon, I'm gonna move on to the next one.
    – jcollum
    Feb 1 '09 at 18:54
  • That error message isn't exact, it's what i typed in to google when I hit the fault. Didn't find anything on google about it. Tried the other dll and got the same fault.
    – jcollum
    Feb 1 '09 at 18:55

I can suggest you Firebird Maestro. It's not free but what you get for the price of a license is a very good product, especially because you can perform most of your tasks visually.


Aside from an IDE for Firebird, you may want to take a look at Sinática Monitor for Firebird.
It's great for finding bottlenecks.


I guess you are looking for AnySQL Maestro

  1. Freeware
  2. Able to work with Firebird and SQLite databases at the same time

The producer also offers a tool for SQLite (SQLite Maestro) that SUPPORTS FOREIGN KEYS (with referential integrity triggers) but it has only 30-day free trial (costs about $70).

  • 1. It works in 2018. :) 2. It is free. 3. Thanks! Mar 13 '18 at 7:16

FlameRobin is simple, easy to use, and has a small footprint. Additionally, it's free.


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