Working with MySQL and I can't find the right combination of terms for this expression.

Using a PHP user input variable in my statement, I need to find a partial substring match and group by the full match word

Taking example input "#bea" I want to find matches for "#bea" as a substring in full text posts, then group by and count the full word where it matches such as "#beat", "#beauty", "#beast"

With example posts in database

Testing Post #beat #beauty

Another test #beauty #beast

Testing #boom #beast

I want to search for a substring, example "#bea"

and have the output

Match   | Count
#beast  | 2
#beauty | 2
#beat   | 1

Can this be done with MySQL or am I better finding matches and counting full words using a PHP algorithm?

  • GROUP BY, LIKE, COUNT(), etc.
    – jarlh
    Feb 27, 2018 at 8:26
  • I can use LIKE and GROUP BY but this returns the full post, I'm looking for a way to only return the word in which the substring was found, not the full text post.
    – Arran
    Feb 28, 2018 at 0:21

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Try this:

SELECT A.word `Match`, COUNT(B.sentence) `Count`
(SELECT '#beast' word UNION ALL
SELECT '#beauty' word UNION ALL
SELECT '#beat' word) A LEFT JOIN Sentence B
ON INSTR(B.sentence,A.word)>0
ORDER BY  `Count` DESC, A.word;

See DEMO on SQL Fiddle and INSTR() function.


You can use below query to find count of each word.

sum(INSTR( '#beast' , TABLE.COL) > 0) '#beast',
sum(INSTR( '#beauty' , TABLE.COL) > 0) '#beauty'

Then you can pivot table if needed; MySQL pivot table

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