I want to check if Intel virtualization is enabled in my laptop or not (Lenovo Thinkpad, Win 10 64 bit). Is there any way available to check it without going to BIOS?


In PowerShell run: Get-ComputerInfo -property "HyperV*"

PS C:\temp> Get-ComputerInfo -property "HyperV*"

HyperVisorPresent                                 : True
HyperVRequirementDataExecutionPreventionAvailable : True
HyperVRequirementSecondLevelAddressTranslation    : True
HyperVRequirementVirtualizationFirmwareEnabled    : True
HyperVRequirementVMMonitorModeExtensions          : True

The line HyperVRequirementVirtualizationFirmwareEnabled : True shows if virtualization is enabled in BIOS (firmware).

Alternate Method
Right-click Start > Run > msinfo32

The first page shows whether virtualization is enabled in BIOS (firmware).

msinfo32 "Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware   Yes"

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    What if only the first HyperVisorPresent is True and others are empty? – GooDeeJAY Mar 7 at 18:17
  • It could be that either the PowerShell version is less than 5.1 (run msinfo32 instead) or Windows Edition is not Pro, Enterprise, or Education. Reference thinkpowershell.com/powershell-set-up-hyper-v-lab – mrDev Mar 30 at 18:35
  • in my case, both are true: it's Win 10 Pro and PS 5.1, but Get-ComputerInfo -property "HyperV*" shows what GooDeeJAY described – YakovL May 20 at 14:16

First method – Easiest option- Check your Task Manager

If you have Windows 10 or Windows 8 operating system, the easiest way to check is by opening up Task Manager->Performance Tab. You should see Virtualization as shown in the below screenshot. If it is enabled, it means that your CPU supports Virtualization and is currently enabled in BIOS. If it shows disabled, you need to enable it in BIOS. If you don’t see virtualization, it means that your CPU does not support virtualization. Read here for more information.

  • I've observed at least one case where Task Manager has shown "Virtualization: Enabled" despite the fact that I had VT-d explicitly disabled in BIOS so I'm not entirely certain how representative this feature is. – Xharlie Feb 4 at 14:13

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