Basically i want this as query:

SELECT DISTINCT c.description FROM students s
join courses c on s.courseId = c.Id
WHERE c.Id = 100

How do i do this in EF Core? When i do :

.Include(s => s.courseId)
.Select( -- how can i select for course description? --)

Bear with me. I am new to Entity Framework.

  • Please show the relevant classes. – Ivan Stoev Feb 27 '18 at 15:36

First of all, your Include expression handles the joining for you, so you don't have to specify how your going to join the table. So your include will look like this:

_db.Students.Include(s => s.Course)

Then you'd accomplish your select through the use of a lamba expression like this:

_db.Students .Include(s => s.Course).Select(s => s.Course.Description).Distinct()

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