I've already some environments setted with docker and docker compose, so I have diferent containers with diferent services, and all of them are orchestrated by docker-compose, and it works ok in my local dev environment. Recently I've read about kubernetes and minikube, but aparently, kubernetes is a tool more for servers/clusters of containers management.

The question is, for a local dev environment (php, mysql and apache for example), what container orchestration mechanism should I use?

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    – lpFranz
    Feb 27, 2018 at 18:50
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    though good question..i wonder should this be under 'design'?
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There are lots of decision criteria. If there is a target environment for this application- use local tools that best approximate that target environment. If the target environment runs kubernetes, best to use minikube. If the target environment is some flavor of clustered docker, use compose. If there is no target environment, use whatever you're most comfortable with or want to learn.

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