I am using knitr::kable() to render tables as part of an R Markdown document (that itself is part of a bookdown project). In particular, the booktabs option (through setting the booktabs argument to equal TRUE) renders the table in a nice-looking way. However, I'd like for there not to be a space after every five rows.

Here, for example, is the code and how the table in the bookdown demo appears when rendered as a PDF:

  head(iris, 20), caption = 'Here is a nice table!',
  booktabs = TRUE

iris table with booktabs

I'd like for the space that aappears after every five rows to not be included, but I cannot seem to find a setting in knitr::kable() that does this.


The reason why the row height is not always equal is that by default, kable inserts a \addlinespace every 5 rows when booktabs is specified as TRUE, as is shown here:

linesep = if (booktabs) c('', '', '', '', '\\addlinespace') else '\\hline'

To alter this, add linesep = "" as an argument to kable().

  head(iris, 20), caption = 'Here is a nice table!',
  booktabs = TRUE,
  linesep = ""

enter image description here

See Get rid of \addlinespace in kable for more details.

It is also worth saying that you can play around with this option if you want to change the style. For example linesep = c("", "", "", "\\hline") would add a horizontal line every four spaces.

  • Thanks, that did the trick. I think the reason why I didn't find that Q&A was that I wasn't searching for \addlinespace. – Joshua Rosenberg Feb 27 '18 at 22:27
  • 3
    Knowing the right search term is always the hardest part :) – Michael Harper Feb 27 '18 at 22:58

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