I've read numerous articles and posts here about getting Entity Framework to work with DB2 but all of them reference prior versions of Visual Studio. When I repeat the steps outlined (too many to remember at this point), I still do not have DB2 in the data providers list.

Has anyone gotten this to work in VS17 and, if so, can you walk me through what you did?

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For registering IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio 17, Visual Studio 2015 or earlier supported versions needs to be installed on the machine.


  • Download and install IBM Data Server Driver Package
  • Download and install IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio.
  • After successful installation of IBM Database Add-Ins, choose Start -> IBM Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio ->Register IBM Database Add-Ins.

This link has listed the steps needed for the add-in installation

Note: Make sure to download same version and fix pack of DS Driver and VS IBM Database Add-In. I downloaded v11.1.3fp3 version for both installations and it's working for me.

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