I have looked at this question's selected answer, Retrieve Credentials from Windows Credentials Store using C#, which uses the CredentialManagement NuGet package to get and set credentials on Windows.

Credential Management package is a wrapper for the Windows Credential Management API that supports both the old and the new style of UI

I was able to set new credentials that way. However, they were set as Generic Credentials.

public static bool SetCredentials(
     string target, string username, string password, PersistanceType persistenceType)
        return new Credential
            Target = target,
            Username = username,
            Password = password,
            PersistanceType = persistenceType

According to this, there are at least four different types of credentials that the Windows Credentials Manager can use:

  • Windows Credentials
  • Certificate-Based Credentials
  • Generic Credentials
  • Web Credentials

The credentials I need to set are intended to allow access to a specific local web server, and when I have added them manually as Windows Credentials they work, when they get added as Generic Credentials by the application, or myself, they don't work.

Enter image description here

I couldn't find enough information about this here, so how can I add Windows Credentials to the Windows Credentials Manager by using this package, or in any other way that can be done programmatically?

I managed to solve my issue by doing it the way it's shown in this question: C# Using CredWrite to Access C$.


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